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Jameson Baker
Jameson Baker

Azgard Defence W Serial Key

Key Defence is a tower defence game in which you can't place any towers. Instead you control were the path will be. Your task is to create the path in such a way that the towers can kill all of the enemies.

Azgard Defence W Serial Key

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The game was developed for the Community Game Jam 2019, which had the theme "The Game Is A Liar". The lie of this game was that the game is not really a stategy game (normal tower defence), instead it's a puzzle game. Out of 1050 entries, it scored #22 for innovation, #34 for game design and #144 overall.

Hoards of dangerous creatures attacking your home sounds like a common theme for a game but with Azgard Defence the difference is that building a line of defence against these hoards is the object of the game. With 15 Defence Towers to choose from and each with their own attack capabilities, amazing visuals, particles, explosions, music and sound effects enhance this game.

With a proven track record in engineering and manufacturing small and large remote-controlled weapon systems, we collaborate with several leading European defence contractors in the role of a development partner.

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