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Ke$ha - TiK ToK (Official HD Video)

One of the interesting things about running this website is that we sometimes get retweeted by artists and directors when we tweet about new music videos (The night Rebecca Black followed us will remain one of our proudest moments).

Ke$ha - TiK ToK (Official HD Video)

Last weekend, though, Ke$ha decided to RT our new music video tweeting account @newmusicvideo post about her new video for "Dirty Love". Since Ke$ha very rarely retweets anyone at all, our tweet got a lot of attention and people started RTing and favoriting our original tweet. For a few days we got to stare into the abyss that is Ke$ha-related twitter accounts (there are hundreds of them, including accounts with names like "NOTICE ME KE$SHA!!!!"). It was terrifying and glorious all at the same time.

As far as music videos go, "Tik Tok" is definitely an introductory and tone-setting video. Before this video, all anyone really had heard from Ke$ha was her backup vocal bit for "Right Round" by Flo Rida, and even then nobody really noted her name. So this video was really her introduction into the music world - and it was a world that was already extremely saturated with young female pop stars - it had to really establish her image and differentiate her from the Lady Gagas and Katy Perrys of the world.

Compared to her later outings, Ke$ha actually looks pretty natural here. Around the time this video came out she had a habit of describing her fashion as making random pieces of clothing work based on how they're worn, and that is reflected here. I think that's what initially endeared her to the wide audience she enjoyed in 2009-2011 - before wading into higher concept pieces, she seemed like someone you might know.

Syndrome does a great job of turning what could have been a really dull video into something that stands out for its vibrant colors. They also added a lot of fun elements, like the fact that Ke$ha ostensibly wandered into this poor family's house and slept in their bathtub. If she was drunk enough to not know she was breaking into someone's house, she looks pretty good the next morning, all things considered. Little visual touches like the gold bicycle really help this video along.

By far my favorite part of this video, though, is Ke$ha's attempt at acting when we first see her - peering over the lip of the bathtubs she slept in. She gives it her best "uhh so hungover where am I" squinty eyes and commits to the part. If she was a professional actor it'd be an issue, but here it's just another part of her personality that comes through so well in this video. But why would she use Jack Daniels? I'd say drink the JD and get some, like, Evan Williams or something and use that for hygiene.

The music video for "TiK ToK" was directed by Syndrome. It was shot in Ke$ha's old neighborhood and the car featured in the video belongs to her. Ke$ha explained the experience saying, "the video I'm excited about because I actually got to shoot it in my old neighborhood and the guy driving my gold car is a friend of mine". The video's party scene was shot in her friend's house, which they refer to as the "drunk tank". The singer said "the last party scene is in this house called the drunk tank, which is one of my friend's houses that we all go party at. So I like it cause its super-honest and genuine."[6]

They make their way to the same party shown at the beginning of the video. She dances with her friends while glitter is falling on everyone. She then sits on a couch with Rex and another man (portrayed by Lukasz Gottwald) while Rex hugs her.

Todd: Um...critics will tell you if they don't like what your video turned out as. Like, I'm a critic and I don't begrudge the all. Um..."Tik Tok" is my greatest disappointment, though, because I am my own worst critic, and "Tik Tok" the end of the day, it just didn't work for me. I was not... And you know, it's..."Tik Tok" is one of those songs that's just been...was immediately parodied to death. It like, you know, enraptured, you know, the public consciousness, and so many people made such better jokes about "Tik Tok" than I did. Honestly, I'm not a fan of really any of my Ke$ha reviews. Honestly, I think I come off a little sexist in them. Eh, what are you gonna do? People told me they liked it, I didn't. Ke$ha - "Tik Tok," enjoy.

Todd: Eh? Okay. [Picture of present-day Mick Jagger] If that does it for you. I mean, Mick Jagger is a legendary ladies' man, but [clip of Jagger in video for "Start Me Up"] not because of his looks. By the way, how much you wanna bet that half this song's fanbase doesn't even know who Mick Jagger is? Although, still, not as dated a reference as [picture of...] P. Diddy. Actually, could we back the song up just a bit?

No, no, no, no. I guarantee you, you look in the Girls Gone Wild videos of the future, and you will find "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha playing somewhere. And if you look in the Girls Gone Wild videos of the past, you'll probably find Ke$ha. [Single cover, but it reads Ke$ha Gone Wild] And that is, like, totally all I have to say about this, so let's just wrap this up.

Overall: 2/5The song is catchy, but with the MV and some of the lyrics it all just amounts to one trashy video. KE$HA has no class in this MV and is relying purely on some kind of weird alcohol-induced sex appeal.

10 years ago, The Midnight Beast burst on to the scene with a parody of Ke$ha's Tik Tok. The video has since been viewed over 16 million times. Now they recreate the video as the 2019 versions of themselves.

This tutorial teaches you how to do the same nail design as Ke$ha from her video "Tik Tok" had her nails done. First you apply a base polish to protect your nails. Apply a gold polish all over the nail, about three solid coats and then let them dry. Paint on a rich wine color to the corner of each nail end. Use a dotting tool and clean polish to pick up the rhinestones. Apply a little bit of nail glue on the seam of the two colors to help the Rhine stones stay put. Take a fine tip brush with black polish and make shaky lines all over the nail to get the leopard print look. Clean up any mistakes with any nail polish remover and then the last step is to put clear polish over the top of it all to protect it.

Lyrically, Ke$ha's reference points are a weird jumble of cultural references: She calls out P. Diddy as her baller role model, and only wants to ride with boys who look like Mick Jagger? The aesthetic of her video is hardcore '80s, but her voice is totally Britney. She looks like a cracked-out Taylor Swift, and her video is like a sloppy Lady Gaga joint. She even rolls around in dollar-bill-shaped ticker tape at one point.

Anyone who has spent time around teenagers in the last year will know about the video-sharing app that has taken the world by storm: TikTok. It was launched in China as Douyin in September 2016 by Byte Dance, a Beijing based company, and as TikTok in markets outside of China in 2017. Both versions of the app have been collectively downloaded by over a billion people worldwide as of February 2019.

TikTok is a social networking device that allows users to share short videos lasting from 3 to 60 seconds, whether publicly or saved to their private accounts. The videos, known as TikToks, are most commonly lip-syncing, comedy, and showcasings of talent. In the U.S., TikTok has had a significant cultural impact, serving as a platform for users to experiment with fashion, choreograph fun dances, and share their opinions and experiences, whether they are serious or satire. It has also enabled many previously unknown songs to rise to the top charts through their popularity on TikTok.

Whether it is for culture, creativity, or just for fun, what started out as a fun social media app has brought a large population of teens together in their enjoyment of these short videos. There is no telling how long TikTok will hold the attention of its audience, but for now, from school stairwells to the global scale, it continues to entertain students in many different forms. 041b061a72

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