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No, Thanks

There are playing cards numbered 3 to 35 in the game, and nine cards are chosen at random and removed from the deck, which is then shuffled. If there are 3 to 5 players, each player starts with 11 chips; if there are 6 players, each player starts with 9 chips; and if there are 7 players, each player starts with 7 chips. At any time, players may choose to hide their chips from other players if desired. The first player flips over the top card and either takes it (earning that player points according to the value) or passes on the card by paying a chip (placing it on the card) and saying, "No thanks!" Play then proceeds in a clockwise circle until someone finally takes the card along with all of its accumulated chips, if any. That same player then flips over the next card, also deciding on whether to take the card or pass it, and so the game continues until all cards have been taken.[3]

No, thanks

Even so, nobody likes an ingrate. Despite my knee-jerk skepticism, I have tried for years to practice gratitude daily, at least informally: I pause to appreciate the taste of my morning coffee, or delight when I am lucky enough to see one of my favorite birds (northern cardinals and pileated woodpeckers chief among them). I also give thanks not infrequently for the fact that, due to the inextricable phenomena of intergenerational wealth and whiteness, I have been spared most of the great cruelties of American political economy: student debt, medical bankruptcy, homelessness, and incarceration.

Resident Evil 4 is renowned for plenty of reasons, but chief among them is how it manages to blend humour and horror into a weird but wonderful camp fest. One example of this happens around halfway through the game when Leon and Ashley enter Salazar Castle. Here, they come across Ramon Salazar, who says "I've been expecting you, my brethrens", only to be met with a hearty "No thanks, bro" back from Leon. 041b061a72

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