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Staying In California

Although all of these definitions are technically correct, in terms of Medicare coverage, assisted living coverage is based on whether care while staying in a facility is determined by a medical necessity. Care in a skilled nursing facility may be covered by Medicare Part A. Medicare will not help cover the cost of custodial care, which includes the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and preparing food.

Staying in California


Go back in time to the Old West at this cowboy ranch, founded in 1875. (The cabin where you'll be staying even has a genuine wood-burning heater for toasty nights!) Located outside the town of Ojai but still off-the-grid, the 200-acre ranch grounds includes ponds, a creek, numerous trails and a variety of farm animals and wildlife.

While cloth face coverings offer protection against COVID-19 virus spread, they do not provide protection against smoke particles. People who must be outdoors for long periods, in areas with heavy smoke, or where ash is disturbed, may want to wear a NIOSH-certified N95 respirator mask. Those with existing respiratory, lung or heart conditions should limit their exposure by staying indoors. Since wearing a respirator can make it harder to breathe, those with lung or heart conditions should check with their doctor before using one.

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