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Metin2 Pickup Bot Padmak: How to Collect Items Automatically in Metin2

Metin2 Pickup Bot Padmak: A Guide for Beginners

If you are a fan of Metin2, a popular MMORPG game, you might have heard of pickup bots. These are tools that can help you collect items automatically in the game, saving you time and effort. One of the most well-known pickup bots for Metin2 is Padmak's pickup bot, which is developed by a hacker and programmer named Padmak. In this article, we will explain what Metin2, pickup bots and Padmak are, and how you can use Padmak's pickup bot to enhance your gaming experience.

Metin2 Pickup Bot Padmak


What is Metin2?

Metin2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was released in 2004 by Ymir Entertainment and Webzen Games. The game is set in a fantasy world where three kingdoms are fighting for supremacy: Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno. Players can choose one of these kingdoms and one of five classes: Warrior, Ninja, Shaman, Sura or Lycan. Each class has its own skills, weapons and abilities.

The main features and gameplay of Metin2 include:

  • Quests: Players can complete various quests to gain experience, items and money. Some quests are related to the main storyline, while others are optional or repeatable.

  • PvP: Players can engage in player versus player (PvP) combat with other players from different kingdoms or guilds. PvP modes include duels, wars, battlefields and arenas.

  • PvE: Players can also fight against various enemies and monsters in player versus environment (PvE) combat. PvE modes include dungeons, raids, boss battles and metin stones.

  • Crafting: Players can craft their own weapons, armors, potions and accessories using materials they collect or buy in the game.

  • Trading: Players can trade items and money with other players using the market system or direct trade.

  • Guilds: Players can join or create guilds to cooperate with other players, participate in guild wars and access guild-exclusive features.

What is a pickup bot?

A pickup bot is a tool that automates picking up items in Metin2. Normally, players have to manually click on each item they want to pick up from the ground, which can be tedious and time-consuming. A pickup bot can do this task for them by scanning the screen for items and clicking on them automatically. This way, players can focus on other aspects of the game, such as fighting or questing.

The benefits of using a pickup bot include:

  • Efficiency: A pickup bot can pick up items faster and more accurately than a human player.

  • Convenience: A pickup bot can run in the background while the player does other things on their computer or phone.

  • Profit: A pickup bot can help the player earn more money by collecting valuable items that they might otherwise miss or ignore.

However, there are also some risks of using a pickup bot, such as:

  • Ban: A pickup bot is considered a cheat by the game developers and moderators. If they detect that a player is using a pickup bot, they might ban their account or IP address permanently.

  • Virus: A pickup bot might contain malware or spyware that can harm the player's computer or steal their personal information.

  • Scam: A pickup bot might be fake or faulty, and not work as advertised. The player might waste their money or time downloading or installing it.

What is Padmak?

Padmak is a developer of Metin2 hacks, bots, cheats and exploits. He is known for creating various tools that can modify or enhance the game's features, such as switch bots, fish bots, damage hacks and speed hacks. He has a website where he posts his products and updates regularly. He also has a YouTube channel where he showcases his tools and tutorials.

The most famous products of Padmak include:

  • Switch Bot: A tool that allows the player to change the bonuses of their items easily and quickly.

  • Fish Bot: A tool that automates fishing in Metin2, which can be a source of income and items.

  • Pickup Bot: A tool that automates picking up items in Metin2, which we will discuss in more detail below.

How to use Metin2 Pickup Bot Padmak?

If you want to use Padmak's pickup bot for Metin2, you will need to follow these steps:

The requirements and download link for the bot

To use Padmak's pickup bot, you will need:

  • A Windows PC with .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed.

  • A working copy of Metin2 installed on your PC.

  • A valid account for Metin2 with at least one character created.

You can download Padmak's pickup bot from his website or his YouTube channel. The download link is usually in the description of his videos or posts. Make sure you download the latest version of the bot to avoid any errors or bugs.

The installation and configuration steps for the bot

To install and configure Padmak's pickup bot, you will need to:

  • Extract the zip file that contains the bot to your desktop or any folder you prefer.

  • Copy the file named "PickUp-Bot.exe" to your Metin2 folder where your game client is located.

  • Run the file as administrator by right-clicking on it and selecting "Run as administrator".

  • A window will pop up with some options for the bot. You can customize them according to your preferences. For example:

  • You can choose which items you want to pick up by checking or unchecking them from the list.

  • You can set a delay time between each pick up action by adjusting the slider.

  • You can enable or disable sound effects by clicking on the speaker icon.

  • Click on "Bot starten" to start the bot. You will see a message saying "Bot gestartet" at the bottom of the window.

  • Switch back to your game window and start playing normally. The bot will run in the background and pick up items for you automatically.

The tips and tricks for using the bot effectively

To use Padmak's pickup bot effectively, you should keep in mind these tips and tricks:

  • You should only use the bot when you are in a safe area where there are no enemies or players that can attack you. Otherwise, you might die or get reported while using the bot.

  • You should not use the bot for too long or too often. This might raise suspicion from other players or moderators who might monitor your activity. You should take breaks between each session and vary your locations and times.

  • You should not pick up every item that drops in the game. This might make your inventory full quickly and waste your space. You should only pick up items that are valuable or useful for you.

  • You should not rely on the bot entirely. You should also play the game normally and enjoy its features without cheating. The bot is only meant to help you with some tasks that are boring or repetitive.


a popular MMORPG game. It is developed by Padmak, a hacker and programmer who creates various hacks, bots, cheats and exploits for Metin2. The bot can scan the screen for items and click on them automatically, saving you time and effort. However, the bot also has some risks, such as getting banned, infected or scammed. Therefore, you should use the bot with caution and moderation. You should also follow the steps and tips we provided to install and configure the bot properly. We hope this article was helpful and informative for you. If you want to try Padmak's pickup bot for Metin2, you can download it from his website or YouTube channel. Have fun and good luck! FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Metin2 Pickup Bot Padmak:

  • Q: Is Padmak's pickup bot free or paid?

  • A: Padmak's pickup bot is free to download and use. However, he accepts donations from his users who want to support his work and development.

  • Q: Does Padmak's pickup bot work on all servers and versions of Metin2?

  • A: Padmak's pickup bot works on most servers and versions of Metin2, but not all of them. Some servers might have different anti-cheat systems or updates that can prevent the bot from working. You should check the compatibility of the bot before using it.

  • Q: How can I stop or pause Padmak's pickup bot?

  • A: You can stop or pause Padmak's pickup bot by clicking on "Bot stoppen" in the bot window. You will see a message saying "Bot gestoppt" at the bottom of the window.

  • Q: How can I update Padmak's pickup bot?

  • A: You can update Padmak's pickup bot by downloading the latest version from his website or YouTube channel. You should always use the latest version of the bot to avoid any errors or bugs.

  • Q: How can I contact Padmak or report a problem with his pickup bot?

  • A: You can contact Padmak or report a problem with his pickup bot by leaving a comment on his website or YouTube channel. He usually responds to his users' feedback and questions.

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