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Buy Plastic Golf Club Tubes

Keeping golf clubs in prime condition is an important concern for the avid golfer. Clubs that are thrown into an open bag without protection can get dinged, scratched, and damaged. The perfect solution to the problem is plastic golf club tubes from Absolute Custom Extrusions, a leader in the extrusion industry. ACE uses high quality polyethylene and recycled polyethylene material to produce golf club tubes that fit easily around the most vulnerable part of a golf club, the shaft.

buy plastic golf club tubes

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ACE, Absolute Custom Extrusions, Inc. has produced extruded plastic golf tubes for more than 35 years and is considered a pioneer in the industry. As one of the first companies to design and manufacture plastic tubes for golf clubs, ACE supplies major golf equipment manufacturers and sporting goods retailers with oversized and custom golf tubes to separate golf clubs in golf bags, protect clubs during shipping and display golf clubs at retail.

The main attraction of golf is the skill that it requires to set the shot, measure the angles, and determine the right tool. A dedicated golfer has all of the tools needed to approach any shot. When they reach into their well-organized bag, they choose the club that will give them the best advantage. Golf club tubes provide the proper organization so that the player has every club perfectly positioned and ready for use. One of the things that tends to be overlooked with golf clubs is the amount of time they spend in the trunk of a car, an airplane cargo hole, or setting in the garage or closet. In every instance, there is the potential for clubs to shift and move, which can lead to damage. These many harmful conditions can easily be avoided with the use of plastic golf club tubes that fit easily into the bag and offer a wall of protection.

those tubes suck. they get all "tangled" too. also, when you're puttinga club into your back, you've got to search for an empty tube instead ofjust tossing the club in there. i had the worst bag made. it was aspalding with those tubes and those tubes connected to holes in thetop of the bag. needless to say, the tubes came loose from the holesin the top of bag. i had to wiggle the bag around to get the tube linedup with the hole again to put my club back in the bag. i finally hadto cut the side of the bag open so that i could get "inside" the bagto remove the stupid tubes.--charlieplease post all responses. my email address on this post is incorrectin hopes of thwarting the efforts of the bulk-emailers to send meunsolicited and annoying email. if you must email me, my correct address is charlie at dolphins dot ssc dot nasa dot gov

I see folks spend minutes looking for the club they just used on thelast hole. What section is it in??? Shake, rattle, & roll!!! Whileothers are trying to hit. (Any chance they'd do that on purpose? NAH!!!)I now have a Taylor Made bag with the putter compartment and five areasfor clubs. If I could find a bag that used tubes that did not mar mygraphite shafts I'd switch in a NY minute.I hate the way the grips of the clubs become entangled even with 5compartments. Select one club; get many. Not to mention the damage tothe grips!!To each there is a season......Greg

>>Help! My golf clubs are always getting tangled in my bag somehow and>>I'm constantly struggling to pull them out or jam them back in. Has>>anyone used the plastic tubes inserted into a golf bag? >>Do they work? Any suggestions will be appreciated.>>

> >Help! My golf clubs are always getting tangled in my bag somehow and> >I'm constantly struggling to pull them out or jam them back in. Has> >anyone used the plastic tubes inserted into a golf bag?> >Do they work? Any suggestions will be appreciated.>

> They fix the problem of grips getting tangled and introduce problems> of their own! Your clubs slide in and out easily enough, but > sometimes bring the tubes up with 'em. This easily happens from > friction between grip and tube, or if the tube gets pulled up slightly,> allowing the grip to catch the bottom edge of the tube.> > I solved this by sealing the bottoms of the tubes with plastic bottle > caps to keep the clubs from falling through, and then duct-taping > groups of tubes together to keep them from getting pulled out.> > One other side-effect of the tubes is that since your clubs are now> nicely separated, the heads tend to swing back & forth as you walk,> clanging against their neighbors in time with your stride 8-/.> > Ok, ok- here's an advantage: my putter had always tried to burrow down> into the bag because of its short shaft. I put some folded cardboard > into the bottom of it's tube and now it sits up nicely with the other > clubs, ready to be grabbed.> > > Perry Lou>> How much does your bag weigh now???????

> > I solved this by sealing the bottoms of the tubes with plastic bottle> > caps to keep the clubs from falling through, and then duct-taping> > groups of tubes together to keep them from getting pulled out.

I've been using tubes for a long time now. They work very well becauseI can keep them sorted and they don't get tangled up. I also usetube-connectors which keeps them in groups of four, so they don't slidearound. Caution: graphite shafts will not like tubes, they will wearoff very quickly on the edges of the plastic. I found this out the hardway and had to replace 6 club shafts when the heads kept falling off. Also, head covers for woods do not fit into the tubes, so some clubswill not go all the way down.Hope this helps!AJ

So unless the tubes are either 40mm or fixed in place in some other way, the tube will of course come up as you pull the club out, if your grips are fairly new and grippy. (Mine are very grippy and built up close to midsize with tape.)

Wow, that's old school. They still might sell the golf tube dividers (they were basically black pvc with rounded edges) or I guess you could....I'd buy a better bag, as I remember back in mid 80s buying those golf tubes...didn't keep them more than 2 rounds.

I've already established 7-way didn't work with these (granted that was only a 7.5" bag), and 14/15 way apparently doesn't quite work either. If I'm not supposed to use tubes (at least for my steel shafted clubs) because they're sooooo horrible, what else can I do? These grips weren't cheap, quite the investment in fact, and still quite new. I can't simply ditch them.

It's a concern, but steel is harder than plastic so it isn't like it's going to destroy the shaft. Not using tubes means my grips will rip the divider top to shreds over time. If the tubes scratch the shafts, even after filing/sanding down the inner edges, I will have to line the tops of the tubes with something. Something that the clubs won't catch on. Any suggestions?

That's PC case modding purposed rubber u-profile applied to a tube to see if it would fit. Protects the ferrules and even graphite shafts against the hard plastic edge of the tube, with one caveat: the leading edge of the thin end of the grip can catch behind it if you pull the club out just wrong. Still miles better than with no tube in this particularly tight slot. The tube prevents the cart strap from crushing the bag so the entire left side has more room for the clubs.

Why not get a better bag? It's not like you have jumbo grips or something. There are plenty of bags that don't have these problems for millions of golfers. Get a staff size bag for cart golf with minimal dividers. The more dividers the more problems people have. At least that's what I've seen. By the way, they make plastic tubes will rolled ends for exactly what you are trying to do.

Boomwhackers are tuned plastic tubes that make a sound when you hit them on anything. Boomwhackers are everywhere from kindergarten classrooms all the way up to a musical group at Harvard called Thud.

Name brand boomwhackers can be purchased from However, they are very expensive for some colored plastic tubes($25). This can be very hard for teachers to buy as the standard set only comes with 8 boowhackers tuned to a diatonic C major scale. For the full range of boomwhackers, it would cost you $128.

I am only making the first five notes of a C major scale but will tell you how to make a whole octave(starting at middle C, of C4). To do this I would suggest using an X-acto knife, scissor or maybe even a small saw depending on your material of choice. The reason I suggest Golf club tubing and fluorescent light guards is because they are cheap, readily available, easy to cut and make a good sound. The golf club tubing is a good option if you already have name brand boomwhackers because they have similar timbres. You can cut the tubes to these lengths:

When it comes to inexpensive golf gifts, sometimes the weirder option is the better one. This Sports Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner from ProActive is definitely weird, but also useful. It combines a squeeze water bottle with a brush to create the ultimate handheld cleaner to get the gunk out of your iron grooves. It will definitely raise some eyebrows at the course, but as long as your clubs are clean, who cares. BUY NOW FOR $8.51

The Founders Club travel bag is another top choice among golfers, not to mention its great looking and easy to spot. The soft shell case is made of a very durable material and there is a ton of padding to make sure your clubs travel safe.

These tips with the right golf travel bag should help protect your clubs from normal wear and tear. For more traveling tips and information, check out our full guide on How to Travel with Golf Clubs or go here for a full golf trip packing list.

Golf shag bags are an absolute must-have if you're planning on practicing your pitching or putting. They are one of the lesser well known pieces of golf equipment on the market but are, by far, one of the handiest if you find yourself practicing with a lot of golf balls or equipment. Shag bags are different from perhaps the best stand bags (opens in new tab) or some of the best cart bags (opens in new tab) the market as they are a lot smaller and are not designed to house your clubs. Instead, they are built to help you carry and pick up a large amount of golf balls when practicing on the green. That makes them a savior for any golfer who wants to improve their game but suffers from a bad back, preventing you from having to bend down to pick up all your golf balls. 041b061a72

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