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Alcarras Subtitles English

For his part, the film director Francesc Bellmunt has indicated that "Alcarràs is not understood, the distributor has said, and of the three versions (Catalan, subtitles in Spanish and subtitles in English) he recommends the one with subtitles in Spanish. The diction of the western variety (of Catalan) taken as a foreign language is one more Spanishism", he considered.

Alcarras subtitles English

Other users have called for a boycott of the film if it is shown with subtitles in Spanish, while others understand that it should be subtitled for Spain or South America but not in the territories where Catalan is spoken.

Well, there are people who don't understand Catalan. Why What should not be subtitled? I want this film to reach many people. In fact, we have dubbed it. If they now complain about the subtitles, imagine what they will say when it is known that it has been dubbed, "argued the director.

Both screenings on Monday 10 October will have on-screen subtitles including descriptions of non-dialogue audio for the D/deaf and people experiencing hearing loss. The intro and Q&As at the Monday 10 October screenings will be BSL interpreted.

If you wish to attend, please do not forget to register.Films are screened in original language with subtitles in French and English.For questions please send an email to

Do you miss watching foreign language films in cinema because you can't follow Swedish subtitles? Are you looking to meet fellow international residents of Stockholm and bond through an interest in film? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to join The Stockholm International Cinema Collective (SICC), a group that arranges showings of foreign language films with English subtitles. The Collective chooses 1-2 screenings per month from Zita's screenings with english subtitles to meet up and discuss the film after the screening for those who want at the cinema bar, Bongo Bar. Join their Facebook group through this link.

Korean director Bong Joon-ho's dark, satirical, yet funny and very unpredictable family drama won the Golden Palm in Cannes 2019 and has been a big success since it's premiere. Korean dialogue with English subtitles.

Read more on how to buy tickets or the program by klicking on each film above, click on "Se tider och boka (klicka på en tid för att boka biljetter)" to find your screening with English subtitles written to the date and hour in parentheses.

The most internationally-recognized Catalan film, Alcarràs, by Carla Simón, which continues to vie for an Oscar nomination, will be screened at most cinemas in Barcelona, including Aribau Multicines and Gran Sarrià Multicines in Catalan with subtitles in Spanish.

The movie will be screened in English with subtitles in Spanish at Aribau Multicines, Cines Renoir Floridablanca, Cinemes Girona, Verdi Barcelona, and dubbed in Spanish at Arenas de Barcelona Multicines. 041b061a72

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