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Jameson Baker
Jameson Baker

3 Tickets To Paradise (2021) __FULL__

2- Tacos & Tequila on the PierHead out to the St. Pete Pier this Saturday & Sunday, October 29-30th for Tacos on the Pier, a waterfront festival with tons of authentic tacos, premium margaritas, games & halloween costume contests! Enjoy food from more than 15 tacos vendors, many great margaritas and other cocktail options, cold beers, games, prizes and so much fun! $12/person. Click here for tickets.

3 Tickets to Paradise (2021)


3- Enjoy a Show at the Zubrick Magic TheatreFind some magic at The Zubrick Magic Theatre in downtown St. Petersburg this weekend! The Zubrick Magic Theatre is a spectacular venue that gives audiences an intimate and unforgettable evening of magical entertainment. Illusionists Chris & Ryan Zubrick conjure up an exhilarating blend of sleight-of-hand, family-friendly comedy and breathtaking grand-scale illusions in a 70-minute performance that captures hearts and imaginations. Learn more in our August/September issue or at Click here to get your tickets before they disappear.

"This park is a hitters paradise and the wind was really blowing out today," Utah head coach Bill Kinneberg said. "It's really tough on pitching staffs. I was really proud of our guys to grind out two wins today. Against Air Force in this ballpark you are not safe until the last out is made."

One of my greatest high school friends married and lives in Texas, Roberta Ferrari Skeckowski. She will be in Boston for a visit in October. We are hoping to meet after 50 years. I am encouraging her to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Strand theater. It is sold out through September but has much availability after that. Many island friends are purchasing tickets. It is getting rave reviews. 041b061a72

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