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Use this parameter to control the client's behavior on a metered network. This parameter takes no values. When you allow client communication on a metered network for ccmsetup, it downloads the content, registers with the site, and downloads the initial policy. Any further client communication follows the configuration of the client setting from that policy. For more information, see About client settings.

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If CCMSetup fails to download the client installation files, this parameter specifies the maximum timeout in minutes. After this timeout, CCMSetup stops trying to download the installation files. The default value is 1440 minutes (one day).

Specifies a management point for clients to use to find the nearest distribution point for the client installation files. If there are no distribution points, or computers can't download the files from the distribution points after four hours, they download the files from the specified management point.

This parameter specifies an initial management point for computers to find a download source, and can be any management point in any site. It doesn't assign the client to the specified management point.

Computers download the files over an HTTP or HTTPS connection, depending on the site system role configuration for client connections. The download can also use BITS throttling if you configure it. If you configure all distribution points and management points for HTTPS client connections only, verify that the client computer has a valid client certificate.

If CCMSetup.exe fails to download installation files, use this parameter to specify the retry interval in minutes. CCMSetup continues to retry until it reaches the limit specified in the /downloadtimeout parameter.

Specifies the file download location. Use a local or UNC path. The device downloads files using the server message block (SMB) protocol. To use /source, the Windows user account for client installation needs Read permissions to the location.

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