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Luke Christopher - The Alphabet [UPD]

Yeah, it goes A's for AmbitionB what I wanna beC past the situation that's in front of meDoubters and Enemies F we say Fuck 'emThe irony is they inspire me to love 'emG is past go and ignite the cash flowAnd H is put your Heart in whatever's your last hopeI is I Inspire but you light the fire so we be the street's number one supplierAnd J is for them Jordan's for my niggas when I make itGimme two of those strange no name kicksEarth, wind, and fire type elemental peaceThat resembles me and here accounts for L-M-N-O-PQ (Cue) the track up like R you impressed?Get your bread kid but never let it go to your headThat's S for Success to be the best andT is Teach back what you learnt that's nextCause you U got the power V for voluntary actionW is Write out your life with a passionX is Expect to fail, Y cease to dreamEven when you ain't catching them Z's and that's the alphabet

Luke Christopher - The Alphabet


Yo, think they starting to follow meSo A is to Attempt to B the change you wanna CAnd D is to be Different but tell us what you meanLike are you one of them good guys or you one of them fiendsEither way you gotta E uh huh, Elevate your mind rightCause F is for the Fine Life and that's how you define lifeBut I say G is Get back to your homeAnd H is Help the people that done helped you alongAw yeah fuck if we go back to F cause that's for FreedomG is keep your Good thoughts cause buddy you gon' need 'emAnd H is if your Hood starves buddy you gonna feed 'emCause it's bad enough when niggas get the check and get to leave inJ is for them jump-offs we wanted as kidsLooking through the glass seeing the life we wanna live inM is mo' money, mo' problems in N-O is NO P's and that's pessimistic profitsQ, Quit thinking and R you still with me?And S is Stress-less and T is To infinityU, is that it's all about You and that's whyA nigga fucked around and left out "I"V-W is Very Wise, and X is this ExampleWhy lie you got zip if you ain't got fam and that's the alphabet

Western civilization is being destroyed by the alphabet people and their perverted agenda against everything story and cultural norms we held so dear. Except that when they are done, our civilization will be at an end.

I'm sure Walt Disney is spinning like a top in his grave over all this wokeness. I doubt I will ever watch another Disney production because I know most of the characters will now be a member of the alphabet cult.

In contrast, the alphabet was based entirely on the sounds that each letter stood for, making it easy to record the sounds of every word. The revolutionary invention of the alphabet suddenly made reading and writing simple and accessible to common people.

There are forms and patterns in the text of the Bible that are suited to the letters of an alphabet, but not to the symbols of hieroglyphs or cuneiform. However, one of the realizations of the investigation into the Moses Controversy, is that not only did there need a suitable writing system for Moses to produce the Torah, it also had to be simple enough for the Israelites to read what was written, as Moses commanded.

With a simple-to-learn yet powerful alphabet, it would have been possible to quickly teach large numbers of Israelites to read and write. With a non-alphabetic system this would have been improbable to say the least.

For many years a popular claim in school textbooks has been that the Phoenicians invented the alphabet around 1100 BC. The first Hebrew script is thought to have developed from Phoenician a couple centuries later, around 900 BC.

If this were true, it would be a big problem for the idea of Moses writing the Torah over three centuries earlier. This is one reason why many are skeptical that he did. However, the startling fact is that leading experts in the field have long known that the earliest alphabet comes from an era before the Phoenicians, so why have textbooks not reflected this reality? 041b061a72

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