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Yaroslav Drozdov
Yaroslav Drozdov

My New Life: REVAMP

You may think that the title, My New Life sounds familiar and that is because this is a game that was released a few years back. The version I am talking about today is the revamp version which has had a lot of work done to it to make the game better and more polished in pretty much every way. This is a lewd RPG style of game and a game that I had a lot of fun with and a game that is easy to recommend to you guys.

My New Life: REVAMP

I had a great time playing through My New Life. This revamped version makes the original game completely irrelevant. It is the kind of game I thought I would just play for 30 minutes or so, but I found myself getting very invested in what was going on. I thought that the story was fun and the way the game looks gives it a style that is all it's own.

The revamp needs a lot of work but has potential to be better than the original. My first problem what's the lack of direction to find the school and other places till I discovered my phone gives the general area. Second problem was when it switched language's all of a sudden.

Ravenouscuck316, agreed. It's really sad that they didn't work out the kinks in this before hand. I know they want to revamp the old one, but at least make sure the content you have works as well as the old version first for the beginning section at least. I am running into a bunch of glitches. It makes me want to just play the old one again. ugh. But this one has so much potential.

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