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Best Buy Mens Electric Razors

For the first iteration of this guide, we enlisted a panel of 12 to test a dozen electric razors each. Our physically and ethnically diverse panel included people with heavy beards who shaved daily, people with light beards who shaved as little as once or twice a week, and people who had tight, inward-curling facial hair, which frequently leads to razor bumps.

best buy mens electric razors

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So how does one go about this? What are the most important factors to consider when coming up with a list of the best electric razors for men that should suit a plethora of different users and situations?

Most other electric razors, particularly the foil ones, only manage to perform average at best when used on a longer beard (hair length is more than 2 to 3mm) and tend to miss hairs, requiring multiple passes in order to get a clean shave.

A Panasonic Arc 3 or a Braun Series 3 would be excellent choices for a teenager/first time user. His facial hair will likely get thicker with age, but for at least a few years from now, either of those two shavers will be good enough. Also, an electric shaver works best on short hair, so when using it for the first time it would be a good idea to use a trimmer (even the long hair trimmer on the shaver will do) to reduce the length of the hairs prior to shaving. Long, fine hairs will likely be missed by the foils and the shaver may actually pull and yank some. So just quickly trim them and then use the shaver normally to cut them close to the skin.

Your comments are thorough and helpful. I am 82 and have used electric razors since I started shaving around age 15. I have used Norelco, Braun, Remingtom, and Panasonic. My father got very close shaves with a Norelco, but I never could. In fact, until using a Panasonic wet/dry model, I never really had what could be considered a close shave. Currently, I have an ES-LV 61 which has been pretty good. I cannot remember how old it is but it recently began to cease holding a charge as long. When it gets to 50% it goes to 0 in about 5 minutes. I am thinking of getting the ES-LV 65S you recommend. I gather the newer versions are not worth the significant price difference. I am curious about the replacement blades and foils being cheaper than those recommended for the 65. Do you know the WEP number of the cheaper replacements that fit and work just as well? Thanks.

Great review. My problem is that I have a thin and long neck and I could never get a close shave with electric shavors (foil and rotatory) so I reverted to Gilette razors. The Braun 9 series is good for me? Does it get around neck contours?

Hi. I have been using a Norelco rotary razor for 14 years ( I am 76) and decided to get a new razor. I read your article on foil vs rotary razors and the 10 best and decided to go with th Panasonic Arc 5, # 2 on your list. I used to shave dry and after reading your various articles I now use a preshave soap and an aftershave balm. I have to say that the Panasonic shaver with the Pre and After shave routine I get a much closer shave even tho I shave every 2-3 days and my face seems so much softer. Thank you so much for your information, suggestions and help.

I have been using a Braun Series 5 for the last 10 years and was looking for a replacement. My initial intention was to get a Series 9 but I held off until I did some research. I looked at various reviews and found yours to be the most impartial and you also offer advice on how to choose a shaver which not many reviewers do. Although my skin is not particularly tough I have never found any electric shaver uncomfortable having tried Braun, Panasonic and Philips, so my first priority is closeness. As mentioned elsewhere in this column Philips seem to have lost their way so I discounted them straight away. This left Braun and Panasonic so I read as many user reviews as I could which, if I wanted the best, narrowed it down to the Braun Series 9 or the Panasonic Arc 5. As I mentioned previously my priority is closeness so I opted for the ES-LV65. It took a couple of days to get used to it but once I did I can honestly say it gives me the closest shave I have ever had from an electric shaver. I also agree with your preference of using a suitable cream or something similar. Thank you for providing all that useful information.

I only had a problem once with a Panasonic razor and it was rather swiftly and professionally taken care of in a Panasonic service center. I guess the quality of user support can vary from country to country, but as long as the damage is not the result of faulty operation, the company should take full responsibility for repairing or replacing the product. They are legally required to do so. It is disappointing to hear otherwise, especially since their electric shavers are actually among the best.

Have you used a rotary shaver before or any type of electric shaver? If not, I think you should go with a foil shaver. Also, shaving once a week with an affordable shaver will probably not give you the best results, especially since your hair is coarse. You should try to shave at least twice a week, regardless of the shaver. The Series 9 and Philips Norelco Series 9000 (Prestige) can handle longer hairs, but those two cost a lot.

The best electric shavers can separate that fine line between a ruggedly handsome clean-shaven jaw and a patchy, razor-burned chin, and we're sure you'd rather have the former than the latter. A bad razor is like owning a blunt knife in the kitchen, you're only asking for a grooming disaster to strike, and investing in a top-spec device doesn't have to be expensive or complex at all. Joe Mills, founder of Joe Mills Studio and GQ's Barber of the Year, is perfectly placed to teach us all about the best ways to shave, clean and look after your chin without snags or hiccups.

The Panasonic ES-LS9A is one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin, as it's clever enough to automatically adjust its power according to the density of your beard. Combined with its powerful motor that provides an impressive 84,000 cutting motions per minute, it helps ensure that each shave is perfectly suited to your face. For more versatility, we recommend Panasonic's Multishape has multiple heads that include a toothbrush, beard trimmer, hair clipper and nose hair trimmer.

We shouldn't have to talk about the hygiene issues with using the same device you use on your body as your face, but in case we do, you definitely shouldn't use the same electric shaver all over your body. In fact, we'd happily point you towards our best body hair trimmers article to learn about the best tools for that job. Unless you've already got stubble all over your body, these razors aren't well-equipped for a total groom where the sun doesn't shine, and you should definitely invest in the right tools if that's what you're keen on.

Without being overdramatic, we'd quite confidently state that the Andis Resurge is a strong contender for the best-looking electric shaver of all time. Even if you disagree, it's hard to argue against its looks. Unlike some of its rivals, it offers a slim, lightweight, pared-back design, kitted out with an elegant yet sophisticated black and gold livery. Its matte rubber grip, complete with diagonal striations, makes it a joy to hold, with no fear of accidental drops. But enough about the looks.

It is important to know that it takes approximately three to four weeks for the skin to get used to being shaved with electric razors. This is because it will take a few weeks for you to find the right touch to achieve a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave. So, you may experience extra heat on the skin from slower beginner shaving, to some hair tugging (or pulling) in more challenging areas of the face before you are 100% happy with your new shaver.

Some electric razor models might have a cleaning function built into the charging base, but in the case yours doesn't, you can simply remove the head of the razor and tap it over the sink to clean out any hair. Many models can be cleaned by running the razor under water, or with a small, hand-held brush to dislodge any hair clogging the device."}},"@type": "Question","name": "Will I get ingrown hairs from my electric razor?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Because electric razors don't cut as closely to the skin as manual razors do, there is a lower risk for ingrown hairs, but it's never zero. Reduce the risk of ingrown hairs by using a gentle, exfoliating cleanser to release any hairs trapped under dead skin cells, and treating the area with a softening or pre-shave product. Read more about how to prevent ingrown hairs.","@type": "Question","name": "How long do the blades last on electric razors?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "This depends on the specific model you buy and how frequently you use your electric razor, but in general, most brands recommend replacing the blades every 12 to 18 months. How your razor feels when you're shaving can also be an indicator of when to replace it. If your electric razor feels rough, doesn't create as close of a shave as it used to, pulls at your hair, or you start to see irritation in the shaved areas, it's time to replace your blades."]}]}] CONFIDENCE, COMMUNITY, AND JOY

Because electric razors don't cut as closely to the skin as manual razors do, there is a lower risk for ingrown hairs, but it's never zero. Reduce the risk of ingrown hairs by using a gentle, exfoliating cleanser to release any hairs trapped under dead skin cells, and treating the area with a softening or pre-shave product. Read more about how to prevent ingrown hairs.

This top electric shaver for men was narrowly pipped to the best electric razor prize by the Braun Series 9. But its so kind to faces of all sizes, shapes and sensitivities, the Series 9000 Prestige Edition is a very close second.

If you're looking for the best electric razor that takes no prisoners (but does take on a lot of stubble), the TacShaver is the tool for the job. Despite being super-compact - its smaller than a credit card - it uses a powerful motor to drive three rotary heads. 041b061a72

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